With finalized landscape design plans in-hand, you’re excited for work on your outdoor oasis to begin. At Bay Scenery, a dedicated project manager will ensure construction of your new landscape runs smoothly from initial proposal estimate to final walkthrough. Bay Scenery’s Senior Project Manager, Michael Greenwood shares what steps go into taking your dream outdoor living space from blueprint to soil.

Develops Proposal Estimate

Your Bay Scenery project manager will review the plans your landscape designer or landscape architect drafted, to figure out project logistics. How long a project will take to complete, materials, equipment and workforce costs will be calculated.

“Part of the initial contact Bay Scenery has with homeowners is explaining exactly what we do, how we do it and to justify the expense,” says Greenwood.

When your project manager submits the proposal estimate to you, they will answer questions and take your input into consideration.

Ongoing Office Support

After the proposal is agreed on, the project manager will visit the construction site to meet with you and the field crew. They will introduce you to the crew foreman and go over the steps to completing the landscape project. Once work is underway, the project manager tracks the progress from the office. If issues or questions come up, don’t hesitate to contact the project manager to address your concerns.

Provides Field Crew Support

“Once the job is ongoing, I’m support for the field crew,” Greenwood says. “The team has to have the right equipment, tools and supplies.”

If an unexpected need for a piece of equipment comes up, Greenwood quickly buys or rents it to prevent construction delays.

Tracks Schedule Progress

You can peek at the progress happening in your backyard and guess what stage the project is in, or you can ask the project manager and find out for sure. Every step of the project is scheduled accounting for multiple timelines and tracking when resources are needed on site. The project manager anticipates when the crew will need materials and equipment and works to keep the project timeline on track.

Coordinates Specialized Sub-Contractors

Want a fancy concrete driveway finish or intricate iron railing around your deck? Your project manager takes bids from specialty sub-contractors who have long-term relationships with Bay Scenery. Once the best sub-contractor for the job is selected, the project manager schedules and orients them to the job site.

Duration of Project

We know you’re eager to see the results of your landscaping project. Starting work on a new project is on a “first come first served” basis. During slow times of the year like winter it could take two months to start work, and busy times of the year like summer, have an even longer wait time. Your project manager will be able to tell you when work will start and approximately how long it will take for completion.

Handles Change Requests

If you decide to add or change something not included in the initial proposal, your project manager can generate a change order. They will estimate the cost of the change, you’ll review the updated proposal, and if accepted it will become a part of the contract.

Guarantees Work

Yea, work is completed! Your project manager will walk you through all of the changes, features, and updates so you can fully enjoy the new outdoor space. If any questions come up after the work is done, just give your project a manager a call, and they will be happy to help you grow into the new landscape.