Feel like a magician as you swipe your smartphone screen from a patio lounge chair. Start the bubbling water feature, pipe in relaxing music and light up the main pathway all through smart home technology. The landscape projects Bay Scenery installs often have smart home technology incorporated into the design. Our project managers ensure the technology features work properly and teach homeowners how to use them. Get into the swipe of things with the following landscaping possibilities.

Light Up the Yard

Lighting in the right places will encourage you to linger longer outside. Shine lights on a landscape design feature to make it a nighttime focal point. A lighted walkway will keep you on the right path around the yard and home again. Bright lights around entertainment hotspots like the pool deck and outdoor kitchen set the party scene.

Smart home technology phone apps control Wi-Fi enabled above ground or in-ground outdoor LED lights, turning them on or off, changing light color, and dimming or brightening intensity. Different sets of lights can be controlled within a zone, where pool lights beam blue and patio lights glow gold.Lights in the front yard

Smart Outdoor Kitchen

The brand new built-in stainless steel grill is the standout feature in your outdoor kitchen. It’s shiny and sleek and can cook a tasty set of ribs. When shopping for the grill to install in your new outdoor space, you’ll see a good number of them are Wi-Fi enabled with smart home technology. This feature allows you to monitor the internal temperature of food through an app, without having to open the grill lid and letting heat escape. The app can also send you a text when the food is ready to eat!

Watch TV Outdoors

Smart TV technology has made its way outside. Put up a large screen weatherproof TV built to stand up to rain and extreme temperatures in your outdoor entertaining area. Cast streaming services from your smartphone to the outdoor TV just like you would inside. Enjoy movies and sports on the big screen under the stars or warm mid-day sun with family and friends.

Bring Music Outside

Set up an outdoor weather resistant speaker system in the garden and throughout your outdoor entertaining spaces. Whether enhancing your outdoor movie watching experience, fueling a patio dance party or splashing to pop music in the pool, a smart home technology sound system sets the mood. Listen to music streaming services, or your own collection of digital music on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or smartphone-enabled stereo systems.

Control Fire and Water

It’s truly powerful when you can control the elements of fire and water with the simple swipe of a finger! Control an outdoor gas fireplace or fire pit in conjunction with a smart home technology Wi-Fi enabled gas valve from your smartphone. Turn the fire feature on and off or set up a program to automate when to run. Similarly, when a smart plug is used in the electrical outlet, a water feature is plugged into the bubbling fountain or silky waterfall starts and stops when you say so via smartphone app.

Bay Scenery looks forward to finding out what will come next in outdoor living smart home technology. Contact us for information on installing and using the latest Wi-Fi enabled automation for your yard.