18 Dec 2019

Tips on Selecting Plants for Your New Landscape

Foggy coastline, bay marshland, flat valley, and forested rolling hills characterize the San Francisco Peninsula, each terrain supporting varied plant types. So, how do you go about selecting plants that will not only look great in your new landscape but thrive? Kristen Meyer, landscape designer and Bay Scenery plant specialist, gives her tips on selecting plants to feature in your new outdoor living space.

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20 Oct 2019

10 Steps to Creating a Sustainable Landscape Design

Sustainable landscape design strategies can inspire every garden project, are include adopting smart water, plant health, and plant selection practices. Sustainable landscape design is woven into the development of initial garden concepts, the installation process, and caretaking after everything is in place. Here are ten things to think about when creating a landscape design:

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22 Jun 2019
honey bees

Reinvigorating Peninsula Landscapes with Rescued Honey Bees

Bees at FrogsBarehanded Tim Dauber grasps a miniature statuary bench with a pair of garden frogs attached. His crewmate records him shaking the bench up and down, causing hundreds of honey bees to fall out from inside one of the frogs. When Dauber, owner of Bee Friendly, San Jose area honey bee relocation experts, showed up to the job the one frog wore a jacket made up of bees. He estimates two pounds of bees called the hollow frog-shaped home. The slo-mo recording posted to Bee Friendly’s Instagram website grabbed 830 views inside of a week. From the viewers’ perspective, it looks like the frog is pooping bees. “There’s just so many bees coming out of its behind,” says Dauber.

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13 Mar 2019
Landscaping Design

Why Bay Scenery Follows These 6 Landscape Designers on Houzz.com

Well, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of these innovative San Francisco Peninsula area landscape designers, and we’d love a chance to work with the rest! Together they offer a variety of landscape design aesthetics speaking to different types of clients. Click through their websites and Houzz profiles to see what projects they’ve worked on in the past and soak up some landscape design inspiration while you’re there.

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27 Feb 2019
Portola Valley

Before and After: Portola Valley Landscape Design Challenge

Coastal wooded hills dotted with countryside estates and open space nature preserves define the San Francisco Peninsula town of Portola Valley. Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) Bay Area district co-president, Janet Enright was challenged to reclaim a home’s driveway view overlooking the neighboring hillside which was hidden by a jumble of overgrown plants. Enright’s design would create a unifying transition of the home’s garden spaces incorporating mostly native plants. Follow Enright’s before and after landscape design process at the Portola Valley site.

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31 Jan 2019
Landscape Project Management

8 Things a Project Manager Does to Propel Your Landscape Forward

With finalized landscape design plans in-hand, you’re excited for work on your outdoor oasis to begin. At Bay Scenery, a dedicated project manager will ensure construction of your new landscape runs smoothly from initial proposal estimate to final walkthrough. Bay Scenery’s Senior Project Manager, Michael Greenwood shares what steps go into taking your dream outdoor living space from blueprint to soil.

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07 Jan 2019
Landscaping Construction

Don’t Let Your Dream Landscape Become a Nightmare, Hire a Licensed Landscape Contractor

When you’re looking to hire a landscape contractor to transform your outdoor space into a relaxing getaway, make sure you choose credible licensed professionals. Bay Scenery, a licensed California landscape contractor, has undergone state exams certifying a high level of construction ability and application of building codes. You may be tempted to pick someone without a license who quotes a low price, or you might be unaware of how to find a reputable licensed landscape contractor. The following points will help you make informed decisions about who you’ll allow to do landscape construction on your property.

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02 Jan 2019
Landscape Contractor and Project Manager at Bay Scenery

Experience Matters: 30 Years as a Landscape Contractor, Q&A with Ian Harris

When you’re shopping around for a landscape contractor to make your outdoor living dreams come true, you want to hire someone who knows what they’re doing. Bay Scenery’s Responsible Managing Employee (RME), Ian Harris has been in the landscaping business since 1980. Key employees have worked with him for over 20 years helping to build the company. “I’m enjoying the fruits of 30 years of experience. I know all kinds of stuff,” says Harris. Harris brings his wealth of knowledge to the landscaping projects he works on and shares some tidbits with us now:

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