It is easy to get lost in today’s landscaping world. We are here to assist you through every step of the process, from design to implementation and maintenance.

  • Design – Every project has a starting point. Without the right design, we cannot even start the process of estimating how long it will take for us to implement the project.  Many think it’s easy to just put a plant there and a fixture the other side but without the right design, homeowners are looking at the tremendous cost for construction. The right design is where it all starts. 
  • Our creative design team creates a truly unique design for each client and working in collaboration with our construction team, you will receive not only a design plan but also a complete cost of construction for the plan that we have provided.
  • Whether you are midway through a project or just getting started we are here to help!
  • Visit our Design Page or Email us at for more information
  • Implementation – Once a design is completed, we will work with you and your designer to go over the plans and make sure we clearly understand the idea behind the design. We might end up asking a few questions here and there but getting it right is the important part.  our implementation process starts with 
    • Estimating – Our team will perform a takeoff and get all the pieces and parts of the project out, we will then use our models to estimate labor and material as well as any third party contractors we might need
    • Contracting – We will provide you with a simple estimate clearly outlining important parts of the project, scheduling and any dependencies that might be there. 
    • Scheduling – We usually start within a few weeks after signing of the agreement.
  • Construction – For over 30 years, Bay Scenery has been leading in end-to-end landscape construction services. Our highly skilled team can deliver projects of any scale and create beautiful outdoor spaces. We believe that as a licensed contractor, we are an extension of your brand and your project. Our main goal is to understand your vision and objectives to ensure that we create your dream landscape. Once we have completed the installation, you will have a final sign-off. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we won’t leave until everything is perfect.