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Transforming Spaces, Crafting Paradises

California weather allows us to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle all year long. Why not step into nature right from your house and add that outdoor living room you always wanted? Or, transform your boring backyard into a highly functional and beautiful outdoor space where your family can make many happy memories in the years to come?

Our talented landscape design team and highly skilled construction crew is here to make it a reality! We specialize in Contemporary and Traditional Mediterranean, English, Zen, Asian, Coastal and Native gardens. Just let us know what your favorite style is and we will work with you in person to bring your ideas to life.

Every Element Is Carefully Designed & Considered

We believe that backyards cannot be boring! They can be easily transformed with design elements that add functionality and style to your outdoor space.

Planting & More

Designing enjoyable and functional outdoor spaces is an art. We pride ourselves in being able to weave the client’s narrative into sustainable, low maintenance and highly functional garden designs.

Our skilled installation crew, many of them are gardeners, will prepare the planting area before the installation of your garden begins. We use high quality plant food to make sure the new plants in your garden establish quickly. Your designer will oversee the installation of your garden and make adjustments as needed. We also provide a complimentary monitoring of the irrigation system for the first year of the garden to our clients. Whether it’s a large orchard or bed of perennials, we will make sure your garden is set for a long and happy life!


Lighting is another important design element that sets the mood in your garden during dark hours. It also increases the security of your home. Our design team will work closely with you on selecting low-voltage lighting that suits your style and showcases the important areas of your garden.
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