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Design-Build Company that Hires External Designers?


Design-build construction is a method of delivering a project in which a single company is responsible for both the design and construction phases. This approach can offer a number of benefits compared to traditional design-bid-build, where the design and construction phases are completed separately by different companies.

One key difference between a true design build construction company and one that hires external designers is that a design-build firm has an in-house design team that is fully integrated into the construction process. This can lead to better communication and coordination between the designers and builders, as they are working together as a single team. This can result in a more seamless and efficient project, as there is less need for coordination between multiple parties.

An in-house design team can also offer a level of flexibility and customization that may not be possible with an external designer. The design team is able to make changes and adjustments to the design as needed, rather than being constrained by a set plan. This can be particularly useful if the client has specific requirements or changes their mind during the design process.

One advantage of having an in-house design team with a background in Mediterranean design from Florence, Italy is that they have a deep understanding of the style and can bring a unique perspective to your project. Mediterranean design is known for its emphasis on outdoor living, use of natural materials, and focus on functionality and comfort. An in-house design team with this background can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your project, and help you to create a beautiful and authentic Mediterranean-style space.

Overall, working with a true design build construction company that has an in-house design team can offer a number of benefits compared to a company that hires external designers. The integration of the design and construction phases and the ability to customize the design can lead to a more efficient and effective project, and the expertise and experience of an in-house design team can add value and authenticity to your project.

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Bay Scenery is a multi-licensed contractor, one of the few in the area that is General Contractor (B – Licensed), Landscape Construction (C.27 Licensed), as well as pool construction (C.53 licensed).